A Day of Peace for the Children (Original Poem)

On the midsummer morning of August 6, 60 years ago, the atomic bomb that fell from the skies above Hiroshima
Killed 140,000 people
Many of those who managed to survive suffered painfully from the aftereffects and died
From the Peace Park in Hiroshima,
The old, naked, iron skeleton of the dome has watched over the lives of the people for 60 years

The survivors had nightmares night after night
Starting the year after the bomb fell,
Every summer, here and there around the city,
You could hear the loud shouts of gNo More Atomic Bombh from megaphones over and over

The park has been called the gpeaceh park,
But has the park really eased the hearts of the people?
Repeated shouts of gThou shalt not kill, Donft kill, Down with nuclear weaponsh hasnft led to true peace

So I would like to make a proposal
Letfs forgive everything so we can love people with all our hearts
Letfs become citizens that love human life

Thatfs right
Did you know?
The garments of love are lined with forgiveness and caring

Praying that we will be forgiven as we forgive others
Letfs quietly wait for the day when we can embrace each other in the garments of love

Boys and girls
Love the flowers that bloom and the grass and the trees on this beautiful earth even more

Love the birds that fly through the air
And the animals and the insects that walk the earth
And letfs embrace even tighter the pets that comfort us

Letfs love each otherfs lives regardless of national boundaries
Itfs only love with mercy that will bring peace to every corner of the earth
gGreater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friendsh*

I want the old people who experienced the war and the atomic bomb in the midst of the poverty and hardships of war to tell their children and grandchildren how family and friends banded together and helped each other to survive
Old people fervently wish that peace will come to the world before the worldfs children grow up

Let us old people live long and wait for that day to come as soon as possible
With a loving, generous heart that always thinks of others,
Letfs spread true peace to the ends of the earth
Let everyone spread the seeds of peace sky high and have the courage to move forward, move forward

\Letfs eagerly look forward to the day when the dove of peace draws a big circle in the blue sky\

Shigeaki Hinohara

*New Testament, John 15:13